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The Overwhelming Beauty—Intro to Piaget Dancer Ultra-thin Rose Gold

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2015

18Today, we will take an ultra-thin Dancer Rose Gold uk replica watches with its official number: G0A37042.

This is a typical classic and nostalgia watch that has precious diamonds and precious metals inserting on it. under the simple dial strings of bracelets set off such beauty to its best and expresses Piaget’s long history and remarkable skills. The case of 26mm of its diameter seems to be perfect for ladies’ wrist and bezel made of 18 k white gold and 42 round diamonds make it seems to be of grace and class.

The ultra-thin is the symbolic techniques and it only reaches 5.2 mm of its thickness. The smooth profile looks a sense of class and intensely-inserting diamonds looks luxury. The consecutive design on the strap looks delicate for ladies. the joint part is processed naturally, reflecting Piaget’s strength. A consecutive buckle connects bracelet so that it can fasten the case while at the same time it is a small diamond. Dial is processed with carefully and precious metals can be seen on it. the surface is silver-plated so it touches pretty smoothly and slippery. The case back is sealed and the water resist is 3 unit of barometric pressures. 6 screws on the case back fasten it tightly.

Fitting with a 430p manual winding movement, the legend movement, Piaget 9P movement, is made of 131 components and reaches 2.1mm and oscillates at a frequency of 21600 times per hour that can work for 43 hours. 18 diamonds are placed on the movement as supporter so that the movement can work much more smoothly. Piaget is a miracle to capture the meaning of time and every combination of watch and jewel is the pursues for the top skills and techniques. This Dancer has combines watch and jewels in such perfect way that would display Piaget’s unusual class.

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Rolex’s Next Generation of Oyster Perpetual Day-date Wristwatch

Thursday, December 10th, 2015

For a long time, Day-Date is made from gold or platinum, being the identification of the excellence and reputation and the symbol of top watch-making technology of Rolex. In 1956 when Day-Date was born which built on one of the Rolex’s three pillars, it is the first COSC wristwatch that in nature of water-resistant and automatic winding equipped with date quick change and showing both date and day in the tiny window of the surface. Being outstanding in its accuracy, dependability, clarity and style, the Day-Date has settled its superb status. Countless heads of state, leaders and people with wide vision who was wearing Day-Date has taken the first place at the watch circles. The name——Super-President which occurred us to the eminent people who had worn making Day-Date becoming the real “president watches” with second to none.

Next generation of perpetual movement——movement in type 3255 and top accurate timing.

The new generation of automatic-winding mechanical movement in type 3255 was developed by Rolex which was used by new Day-Date, demonstrating the superb level of accurate timing. After its surface assembled, we tested the COSC Rolex again to ensure its accuracy over twice higher than that of daily using standardization. When watch’s assembling is done, it will go on a final accuracy test by a special way the Rolex developed and high-tech device so as to be the peak of the watchmaking technology for automatic-winding mechanical movement.


This movement is equipped with Chronergy of Rolex’s new design which is made from Ni-P, with efficiency and reliability and undisturbed from magnetic field. Balanced swing components is the heart of a wristwatch with which Rolex is equipped Parachrom which is made from unique alloy founded by Rolex and owning seismic performance ten times higher than that of traditional hairspring. Moreover, the superb efficiency of the structure of new barrel and Chronergy makes the power reserve of movement in type 3255 increase to seventy hours.

Cartier Replica Watches

Monday, December 7th, 2015

1From 1853 when Cartier sold its first watch, it has been keeping developing and innovative. Its design tradition derived from the simple geometric shapes and was deeply influenced by Asian arts of 18th century, Egyptian architecture and animals, which not only reflects the different style of fashion trend of different ages, but also takes leading place. Such a tradition is well inherited and become an indispensable element. At the same time, Cartier’s ideal watch also indicates that, no matter in the past, now or in the future, its innovation in the watch industry will still be the critical part. The reason why Cartier’s mechanical watch can last forever is its exquisite design and advanced skills, the combinations of them match perfectly and are fully expressed. Such a charm not only reflects in the design, but also has great power. The very mysterious mechanical combines its design in appearance, expressing its passion and techniques in mastering the watch.

Although Cartier Tank W51005Q4 has a square appearance, the movement Cal.120 was round automatic movement which derived from the ETA movement. the double winding movement is branded with the brand logo and classic wave patterns. Considering the cost and other factors, This replica watches cartier does not have a look-though case back, but the surface are processed with other techniques to make it better for dismantle. As an important part of Tank series, its movement should also be equally well to the watch. the basic precision is definitely guaranteed.

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